By Robin Boland,
Julian Resident since 2004

We moved to Julian when our kids were in 5th grade and 7th grade. We came from just down the hill in the Lakeside Area.  Our son was attending a junior high with 1000+ kids. So, for him it was the biggest change. At the time we moved here, the Jr. High had less than 100.  He struggled a bit to find his place in such a small school.

Our daughter’s school, Julian Elementary was more inline with what she was used to, albeit somewhat smaller.  We found the community tight-knit and we worked to make new friends and find our place in the community.  As a long-time, self professed volunteer, I immediately got involved in the PTO and began to meet parents, teachers and students.

We loved the community and we loved the atmosphere provided to the kids in this small “everybody cares” town.  Our kids not being world-class athletes were still given an important role on the sports teams they participated in. They felt part of a team and valued.  Our son was a major part of the Jr. High play and both kids played in the various sports tournaments that the schools offered.

In high school they had a wide variety of activities to participate in and felt important parts of the activities. This gave them confidence and a sense of community with their peers.

In a small town, it is important to learn how to get along, because your friendship pool is smaller. So, learning skills to keep friendships strong was a skill they worked to learn from their peers and the adults in their lives.

Both of our kids are moved away from home now. They both will tell stories (Of completely different natures) as to why they are both so glad to have grown up in a small town.  Our son comes back often to volunteer at the Julian events that we still participate in here in Julian (Apple Days, Gold Rush Days).

It’s a great place to raise kids and a great place for kids to learn about relationships and the importance of such. We are so thrilled to have made the decision all those years ago to relocate up the hill.