A Closer Look – Julian Mining Company

Our Mission To create happy, authentic experiences and simple pleasures of the past for our customers. A Passion for Fun & Education Gold panning is a favorite hobby I share with my husband, we take a few pans with us whenever we travel to areas that may have gold. At Julian Mining Co. we teach you [...]

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A Closer Look – Wynola Flats Produce

As printed in the Julian Journal - We share with you as an interested visitor Written by Megan Peralta Julian is a haven for people who grow weary of the fast-paced, city-dweller’s lifestyle. And for Michael Bruton, newest owner of Wynola Flats Produce, that change could not be more welcome. Prior to taking over [...]

A Closer Look: Regulars Wanted Beanery

If you’re passing through the San Diego area, be sure not to miss Regulars Wanted Beanery in Julian, California. Regulars Wanted Beanery was founded by husband and-wife team Christian and Jenifer Eggert in 2019 and has quickly grown to become a beloved local hub during the week, and a bustling tourist stop on the [...]

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Less Screen, More Green: Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids

Outdoor time for kids is an essential part of their development. Unfortunately, the average amount of unstructured outdoor playtime for most children has been four to seven minutes per day, pre-pandemic. Coronavirus lockdowns have made matters worse, forcing even the most active kids to stay indoors. As a parent, guardian or childcare provider, you [...]

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