A Closer Look: Regulars Wanted Beanery

If you’re passing through the San Diego area, be sure not to miss Regulars Wanted Beanery in Julian, California. Regulars Wanted Beanery was founded by husband and-wife team Christian and Jenifer Eggert in 2019 and has quickly grown to become a beloved local hub during the week, and a bustling tourist stop on the [...]

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Less Screen, More Green: Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids

Outdoor time for kids is an essential part of their development. Unfortunately, the average amount of unstructured outdoor playtime for most children has been four to seven minutes per day, pre-pandemic. Coronavirus lockdowns have made matters worse, forcing even the most active kids to stay indoors. As a parent, guardian or childcare provider, you [...]

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Take a Trip To Lake Cuyamaca and Teach Children about Nature Conservation

By Sara Eggerton. Over the past 40 years, the world’s vertebrate wildlife populations have decreased by as much as 60%, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In order for our natural heritage to be preserved for generations to come, children need to be taught about the importance of conservation from a very young age. One [...]


By Donn Bree Starting a family is the single most impactful decision you will make in your life. Many financial, social, professional and personal decisions quickly follow as a result. Buying your first single family home requires both immediate and long term planning with a seemingly never ending list of needs vs wants. 4 [...]

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Drue Bailey

Drue Bailey was born at Dalton, Georgia, May 31, 1844. At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted at Rome, Georgia, in the Confederate States Army as a private in Company H, 3rd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, on May 13, 1862. He served with honor under General Joseph Wheeler until May 3, 1865. Elsewhere [...]

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Founders Day Open House

Twenty some odd years after the great California gold rush of 1849, another gold rush occurred. Men flocked to this place just as they had done in 1849. There was a period of great excitement and like the rush of 1849, there were great expectations. Not all of those expectations were met. Unlike many [...]

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Julian Gold

PRESENTED BY MR. JOHN GEIGER FOR THE JULIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY at the Centennial observance of the discovery of the WASHINGTON MINE ON FEBRUARY 22, 1970. JULIAN GOLD Julian has an alluring past--a story of Gold discovery that set off a stampede diminutive in comparison to that of 1849 in the "Mother Lode" country but [...]

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