HIking Tips

Are you considering going on a hike in or near Julian? There are many premier trekking destinations in the Julian area encompassing some of the best trails in the San Diego backcountry and Southern California. Let’s explore the top hiking trails in Julian, while providing tips to stay safe and have a fantastic hiking experience. [...]

Clean Green

By Patti Thornburgh Life in the San Diego Backcountry has many perks, challenges and common factors that seldom exist in the city. One of the most common factors of Backcountry living is the septic system. Whatever liquid goes down the drain will eventually end up in the soil to some degree. It also means [...]

The Dogs of Julian

Dogs and Julian have a way of being together. Sage Real Estate Co pays tribute to the Dogs of Julian we encounter, whether residents or visitors. We hope you enjoy this page as much as we do! Bumpkin and Baby were passing through Julian on a break from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with co-hiker Walkabout [...]

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Silent Night…. An American Camel’s Super Bowl

Submitted by Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona Camelot relaxes between performances. Thatloose, droopy lip says it all: shear contentment. Fall gives way to winter as camels across America prepare for their annual 15 minutes of fame.  While the majority of  American's know this time of year as Christmas Season, an ever growing [...]

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Raising Kids in Julian

By Robin Boland, Julian Resident since 2004 We moved to Julian when our kids were in 5th grade and 7th grade. We came from just down the hill in the Lakeside Area.  Our son was attending a junior high with 1000+ kids. So, for him it was the biggest change. At the time we [...]

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