Fred Coleman and The Discovery of Gold

Fred Coleman was a former slave credited with discovering gold in Julian, California and thus launching a [gold rush] in that area. Coleman was one of several African Americans who made significant contributions to early "gold rush" Julian. Other pioneering African Americans from the area include Albert and Margaret Robinson, founders of the Robinson [...]

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Julian At 150 A Year of Celebration On Tap

The year 2020 marks 150 years since the layout of the town of Julian. In honor of the anniversary the Chamber of Commerce, Julian Historical Society and Julian Pioneer Museum are planning events throughout the year to celebrate Julian, its founders and the accomplishments of many who contributed to the towns existence. The Chamber [...]

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Considerations When Purchasing Rural Property

Purchasing real estate involves decisions that can affect your entire life. At a minimum, the purchase of real property is stressful enough without the potential complications that could arise from uninformed assumptions and decisions made when assessing the purchase of rural property. The purpose of this article is to identify a few of the [...]


When I think of “comfort food” there are a lot of mouthwatering dishes that come to my mind, but none as much as my mom’s chicken and dumplings. Yum! Growing up, this meal was somewhat of a staple in our household, and I would always get so excited when I saw my mom deboning [...]

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HIking Tips

Are you considering going on a hike in or near Julian? There are many premier trekking destinations in the Julian area encompassing some of the best trails in the San Diego backcountry and Southern California. Let’s explore the top hiking trails in Julian, while providing tips to stay safe and have a fantastic hiking experience. [...]

Clean Green

By Patti Thornburgh Life in the San Diego Backcountry has many perks, challenges and common factors that seldom exist in the city. One of the most common factors of Backcountry living is the septic system. Whatever liquid goes down the drain will eventually end up in the soil to some degree. It also means [...]

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