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Enjoy my conversation with Liz Myers of Rooted Living Wellness. By the time you are done listening, you’ll feel like I did and just want to be friends with this great lady.

Many people struggle to find healthy coping skills to handle stress. Liz helps people to discover the strength, skills and courage necessary to make a change for a healthier life.

Offering several modalities for your transformation: individualized coaching sessions, sound healing sessions and workshops.

Liz Myers is a sound healing facilitator based in the Julian and San Diego area. Her voice has been described as “other worldly”. “It is a voice and sound you must experience in person in order to really take in the healing vibrations.”

Liz combines her training as a yoga teacher, meditation/mindfulness instructor and counselor to infuse your sound healing experience with a deep sense of safety, kindness and care. She uses a variety of instruments for a transformative sound session; singing voice, buffalo drum, hapi drum, rainstick, koshi chimes, singing bowls and more.

She is also an Author, Teacher, and Certified Coach who is passionate about making a positive impact on people who are facing life challenges, by helping them make a lifestyle change to better cope with their situation and heal.

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