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April 2017 Business Messaging from SDG&E®
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Article 1: EcoChoice℠ is a productive choice for businesses

SDG&E’s EcoChoice program gives customers the option to purchase up to 100% clean, renewable energy. The program may be a good option for those who lease or don’t have the ability to adopt solar due to costs or the inability to put panels on their rooftop. With Ecochoice, there’s no upfront installation cost and you’re supporting clean, renewable energy in our community. Those who enroll will pay a small premium every month depending on their subscription level. Customers can visit our online calculator to estimate how much it will cost each month to purchase renewable energy through the program. Customers can also enroll online. For more information, visit

Article 2: 2017 Energy Showcase Expo coming soon
Join us at the annual Energy Showcase Expo on May 17, 2017. The event will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience first-hand:

• State-of-the-art energy solutions – browse new and exciting products, services and tools to help you manage energy use
• An alternative fuel vehicle show – view a variety of different models and find the car that’s right for you
• This year’s Energy Champions – learn what local businesses have done to make them leaders in energy savings and find out how you can be a future champion
For more information, visit
Article 3: Is your facility prepared for an influx of electric vehicles?
The San Diego region is about 10 percent of the state. If Governor Brown’s goal of 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on California roads by 2025 is reached, our region could see 150,000 electric vehicles on our streets. We already have over 23,000 EVs in San Diego. It’s not a question of “if” you will be asked to install charging, it’s a question of “when”?
SDG&E’s Power Your Drive program is installing 3,500 electric vehicle charging stations at apartments, condos and businesses across our service area. Interest in the program has been strong with over 400 properties on the interest list and only 350 sites available as of now. Sign up on our interest list or learn more on

Already have an EV? Sign up for the Electric Vehicle Climate Credit
If you drive an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, you may be eligible to receive an annual credit of at least $50 on your SDG&E bill. Applications, found online at, are being accepted now through May 2017.
Article 5: Attend Our Free Technology Incentives seminar
SDG&E’s Technology Incentives (TI) Program provides incentives to businesses that purchase and install a qualifying Energy Management system (EMS). These systems help businesses control their energy use by implementing a customized load curtailment plan that optimizes system performance and monitors energy costs year round. By attending SDG&E’s free Technology Incentives class, you’ll learn the basic concepts and associated benefits of Energy Management Systems, Automated Demand Response and the Technology Incentives Program.
Visit to register for this free, introductory level seminar. For more information:
 Visit the Technology Incentives website at
 Email
 Contact your SDG&E Account Executive
 Call the Business Contact Center at 1-866-377-4735
Article 6: SDG&E Spurs Energy Storage Innovation with Flow Battery Technology

SDG&E recently unveiled a new vanadium redox flow (VRF) battery storage pilot project in coordination with Sumitomo Electric (SEI), which stemmed from a partnership between Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Development Organization (NEDO) and the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). During the four-year demonstration project, SDG&E will be researching if flow battery technology can economically enhance the delivery of reliable energy to customers, integrate growing amounts of renewable energy and increase the flexibility in the way the company manages the power grid. To read more of this story, visit

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 You’re invited to SDG&E’s Annual Energy Showcase Expo on May 17! Register at #espsdge
 SDG&E’s Power Your Drive program is installing 3,500 electric vehicle charging stations #espsdge
 Zero-percent interest loans for qualifying businesses. Learn more at #espsdge
 Find qualified trade professionals to help identify & implement energy & money saving solutions at your business #espsdge
 Enroll in free classes at SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center. Learn how to make your business more energy-efficient. #espsdge
 Keep track of your business’s energy use and costs with email or text alerts. Subscribe at #espsdge
 SDG&E’s EcoChoice Program is certified 100% renewable energy by Green-e. Learn how your business can go green. #espsdge
 Is your business looking to go green? SDG&E’s EcoChoice Program can help. #espsdge
 Learn how you can purchase up to 100% renewable energy with SDG&E’s EcoChoice Program #espsdge
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 Is your business looking to “go green”? SDG&E’s EcoChoice Program can help. Purchase up to 100% clean, renewable energy.
 A smart approach to energy management begins with a comprehensive energy analysis. SDG&E’s Comprehensive Audit Program is a great place to start. Learn more:
 Implementing Energy Efficiency Projects in 2017? Sign up for one of @SDGE’s Energy Innovation Center seminars:
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Purchase up to 100% renewable energy with SDG&E’s EcoChoice Program #espsdge #ecochoice