Owners of Regulars WantedIf you’re passing through the San Diego area, be sure not to miss Regulars Wanted Beanery in Julian, California.

Regulars Wanted Beanery was founded by husband and-wife team Christian and Jenifer Eggert in 2019 and has quickly grown to become a beloved local hub during the week, and a bustling tourist stop on the weekends. The name was inspired by a classic wanted poster, and the word beanery is a colloquialism for “cheap eats” or “café.”

On its menu you’ll find organic teas and coffees, a wide selection of baked goods, and a variety of breakfast and craft grab n go options. However, it’s the heart and personality that Jenifer and Christian have brought to their cuisine that makes Regulars Wanted Beanery’s menu so special. The couple spent 2018 travelling North America in their RV, and got inspiration for a lot of their dishes from the various local dishes they tried on their journey. For example, the way their bacon sandwiches are served today was inspired by the Canadian back bacon sandwiches they tried in Toronto, Ontario. Likewise, Christian’s interest for heirloom beans, which he discovered in culinary school, have become an intrinsic part of the café’s menu. They rotate different varieties of heirloom beans in their delicious chili and other dishes on a regular basis.

Because the town of Julian is only an hour from San Diego, it transforms from a quiet 2,500 people during the week to sprawling with tourists on the weekends. An average weekend sees thousands of people passing through the town. In order to accommodate the influx of guests, Regulars Wanted Beanery offers a special chuck wagon style weekend brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday. The café transforms its breakfast offerings into a buffet brunch, ensuring anyone who stops by gets to eat.

Regulars Wanted Beanery has also become an important part of the Julian community. Not only is it a daily coffee stop for many of the town’s seniors, but Christian and Jenifer have also brought their values of generosity and community service into their business. For example, they offer all locals a fifteen percent discount. “It kept our locals feeling like we were taking care of them,” Jenifer said. “During COVID, we [also] began offering grocery boxes to our locals from bulk stock we had bought, Regulars Wanted Beanery  in Julian, CA as an alternative to grocery shopping.” This dedication and passion for the community is what truly makes Regulars Wanted Beanery an invaluable part of Julian.

In the future, Jenifer and Christian hope to see the business continue to grow,.  They also plan to remain steadfast to their guiding philosophy, kai zen. “It means change is good, [such as] continuous improvement, striving to get better, and giving our customers a better experience,” Jenifer said.

For more information about this establishment, visit its website at www. regularswanted.cafe.

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